Certificate Services on Windows 2000 Problem



I am trying to implement a certificate infrastructure for VPN connections
using L2TP/IPSEC VPN connections. I got this working successfully on a
Windows 2003 server in a test environment.

On my live network I installed Certificate Services on my Windows 2000 SBS
server as an Enterprise Authority.It is the only Certificate Server on my
network It installed without any errors. I then proceeded to go to the web
service located on http://serverIP/certsrv and am able to install the
Certification Path no problem. When I go to install any certificate I get
the following error message.

Failed to create 'CertificateAuthority.Request' object.

Has anyone experienced this or have any idea what it means. I cannot seem to
find any documentation on this whatsoever. Any help would be greatly



Vishal Agarwal[MSFT]

Can you try following steps:

Open into Internet Service Manager
Open the properties page for the site where the certsrv is installed.
Choose Home Directory tab.
Under Application Settings click the Configuration button.
Goto the App Options tab and check Enable Session State.

After this try the enrollment again.


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