Certain Access 2000 or 2003 version MDB's Very sluggish



I have a DB that was created in Access. I have developed with Access 2003,
SQL 2000 w/ SP4, Sharepoint Services V2 SP1.

I use access to do Sharepoint Queries for linking tables inside the Access
database. These queries work quite well, but I have 2 queries/reports that
run unbearilbly slow.

The Query takes anywhere from 6-10 seconds to execute and the Report takes
anywhere from 8-15 seconds to execute before it will ask for the information
required (called BID).

I have been running performance monitor against the machine and see that I
have plenty of memory and processor. I have a quad xeon with 2Gb memory, w/
~400mb free. When the query/report runs, you see all 4 processors "spike"
and "plateau" until the (BID) is asked. The report then completes within a
second or 2 depending on the amount of data on the page.

These delays can also be seen when editing the report by either moving a
label, text box, or text field. But I do not see the issue when either
changing font options (Bold, Underline, Italic), or font size.

Any ideas out there, because it is painful to design reports at 1 move per
15-20 seconds.

A compact does help but doesn't fix the issue?

Thank you,



i wish that i knew more about MDB against SP performance

it just seems like a hog so far

i mean.. 2 hours to write 15k records? i even have them split by 33
into buckets of 300-500 records each

im just surprised that it is so dog slow

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