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I have a sum in one sheet that references data in another sheet.
i.e. =IF($C8='Sheet 2'!$A$5'Sheet2'!$B$5 (it is a lot bigger than this with
IF OR in it so please dont pull me up on the sum part)

The sum is in Sheet 1 cell F8. As can be seen from the sum, if cell C8 on
sheet 1 equals the value of cell A5 in sheet 2, return the value of Cell B5
in sheet 2. The sum works fine, however, if I insert a row in sheet 2, the
sum references on sheet 1 change.
So, if I insert a row in sheet 2 above cell A5, my sum on sheet 1 changes to

My question here is is it possible to disable something in excel so that the
cell reference does not update if changes are made in sheet 2.
I always thoughts as long as the dollar sign was in the sum, the sum would
never change.



Mike H


use indirect

=IF($C8=INDIRECT("Sheet2!$A$5"),INDIRECT("Sheet2!$B$5"),"Something else")


Jacob Skaria

--Use INDIRECT() and try the below formula in sheet1
--Make sure your sheet is named as 'Sheet 2' as in your example and not as
'Sheet2' (without space)

=IF($C8=INDIRECT("'Sheet 2'!A5"),INDIRECT("'Sheet 2'!B5"))

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David Biddulph

Use the INDIRECT function, and put your references in quotes.
=IF($C8=INDIRECT("'Sheet 2'!$A$5")...

What the dollar sign does is keep the reference constant when you copy the
formula down (or across). That isn't the same as keeping it constant when
you insert a new row or column.

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