Cell Count



I have a spead sheet with 25 rows and 90 columns. These rows have been
Conditionaly formated in such a way that there are 4 distince groups.

For example
Row 1 has numbers ranging from 1 to 400
My conditional format was that
if the cell value was between 1 to 100 -- Fill the cell with the color
If the cell value was between 101 to 200 -- Fill the cell with the
color yellow
If the cell value was between 201 to 300 -- Fill the cell with the
color green
If the cell value was between 301 to 400 -- Don't fill the cell with
any color

The result game me what I wanted

now Is there any way in excel where the program can give me a count of
the blue cells in a row, yellow cells in a row and green cells in a

I don't want to sit and manually count them because I am sure I will
make silly mistakes like double counting a cell or forgeting to count 1
of them.



You can’t actually count the coloured cells using formulas – but you can
count using the same conditions as you used for the conditional
formatting, e.g. for row 2, assuming your columns start at A.





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