cdrom/dvdrom xp search indicates wrong location of files



Hello, I hope someone can help me out with this. I've searched Microsoft for
an answer but was unable to locate one.

I am running XPSP2, and if I try and search a cd or dvd for let's say
..jpg's, the search indicates that the found files are located in the
following folder and not the CD or DVD itself:

C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\CD Burning

I can open or copy any individual file on the cd/dvd but if I try to batch
copy from the CD/DVD, I get an error "Cannot copy file: Cannot read from the
source file or disk." I believe it is because of the erroneous indication of
where the files are located as mentioned above.

Has anyone ever seen this?

Cheers and thanks in advance


Okay, working on this problem and found a solution. Uninstalling and
reinstalling the dvdrom in "system properties/hardware" appears to have
solved my issue. Time will tell if it is permanent or not, but for anyone
with this situation, here is what worked for me:

If you have a "My Computer" icon on your desktop, right mouse click on it
and select properties. Otherwise go to Start/settings/control panel and
double click on "System".

Select "Hardware" in the tabs, and select "device manager". Select
DVD/CD-ROM drives and select whatever cdrom/dvdrom that is causing this issue
and right mouse click on it and select "Uninstall". Follow the onscreen

Select "Action" at the top of the Device Manager window and select "scan for
hardware changes".

XP should reinstall the cdrom/dvdrom.

After that my system seems to be working properly with the search feature of


Hope this helps at least one person out there.

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