cd-rom's wont play music cd's.


Pete M.

I am having problems getting Window's media player or any
other media player(winamp,real,quicktime)to play audio
cd's. The only exception to this is Nero's media player.
WMP keeps telling me it cannot play the unspecified file
format. I have checked all the associated file formats
and enabled all the protocols. This is a brand new
machine with XP Home O.E.M, WMP 9, and all the dynamic
updates except the .NET framework. There are 2 rom drives
both are Memorex. 1 is a 16x dvd-rom the other is a
52x48x52 cd/rw. I have qaudruple checked the master/slave
jumper settings on both drives. The machine will play the
dvd's with(PowerDVD)and install data rom's no problem.The
onboard 5.1 audio works perfectly. The cd/rw rom is
slaved to the primary(hard disk) and the dvd rom is the
secondary master.It's as if the media players cannot
read .cda files. Does anyone have any suggestions?

pete m.

-----Original Message-----
It may help if you state what the file format is that you are trying to play.
i assume they are .cda files on ur standard corporate
rock/country/hiphop store bought music cd. i have not
tried to play any mp3 cd's or any other kind of music
files on disc for that matter.


Pete, try the following and check your settings
Open WMP/tools/options/File Types tab
then tick the block for CD Audio trac
Click Apply and OK. Reboot
Hope it works, happy putering.

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