cd burning problems



CD Burning Issue if any one can help me out please.

Haveing problems burning to cd.
I think that the problem seems to have accured after
changeing some of the services properties under the
Controll/Administrative Tools/Services section plus I just
installed the Windows XP service Pack 1 (SP1). I also
reduced the speed of the burn and tried reinstalling the
hardware but the problem still accurs.
Useing adeptec easy CD creator 5 causes it to crash
sometime into the burning process. Useing the Real Audio
Player Cd Burning runs to completion where it even says
that the project has been completed succesfully but it
does not eject the cd and when I check the cd properties
under "My Computer" it reads the cd as blank. If there is
anyone that can help me out here thank you in advance.

(e-mail address removed)

PS the following services are running and are set to run
as "Automatic" -
Creative Service for CDROM Access,
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service


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