cd burner program won't show in target



Subject: cd rw-burner ?
From: "Mark" <[email protected]> Sent: 7/29/2003
10:02:15 PM

Hi. Does anybody know how to get windows xp pro to
reconize the cd/rw drive in these two burning programs? I
can't use the burner program
and it is blank in the space when I go to copy a cd from
the dvd drive to the to the target which is the burner.
using Nero and NTI ESSENTIALS and no luck! The burner is
a Samsung 52x24x52 252b. The dvd player works great with
no problems!(I had the software
for that one) No software came with the burner,it is a
bare drive. The burner works only with windows xp Pro
copying program. I need to set this up using Nero or
NTI. or a good burning program.
Thank You!

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