Cascading Combo Repeating Fields



I know I should know the answer to this but I just can't remember how I've
solved this in the past!! I've had a browse through other questions but can't
quite find one that suits.

I am creating a plant and flower database for planning out flowerbeds.

I am in form view. My form is set to display as a datasheet.

If the user selects "tree" from my first combo field, my second cascading
combo then displays all the trees for the user to select.

I would then like the user to move onto the next record (directly underneath
in the datasheet view) and perhaps select "Herbacious" and select then a
herbacious plant, etc.

However, when the user moves onto the next record directly under, it repeats
exactly what is in the first record and if I change record number 2 then the
first record also changes to what I have selected.

I know the answer is simple but I can't remember!!!

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