Card Reader won't read 2Gb SD card



Really strange -- if you ever sort it out do let us know!

I haven't found a solution yet either - though I can try using my
camera as the card reader. I do have 2 generic card readers, both of
which work fine with XP and Windows 2003 Server, without requiring any
drivers etc. Small capacity SD cards do work for me (my 1GB and 512MB
cards work ok), it's just the 2GB cards that won't work. I tried
Maxell, Sandisk and Kingston branded 2GB SD cards.

I also tried the SD hotfix, didn't change behaviour on my PC at all.


Mark said:
it's just the 2GB cards that won't work.

There's a known problem with earlier versions of one Toshiba laptop
group for which Toshiba say there is no solution except to use an
external card reader.


The KB article listed is for SD host controllers (sdbus.sys). It takes
no effect on USB card reader (using usbstor.sys and disk.sys). If you
believe your 2.0GB card in your card reader does not work under XP,
could you try to format the card and copy a >1GB file to it? If it
works, please let me know the brand and model of your card reader and
the card.



Sorry -- it's not my problem -- I was offering background.

Please go back to the first message in the discussion and post the
message to the original poster.

Barb Bowman

do you have the actual link to the forum? the info you posted may be
specific to TI controllers or a subset of them.

Before anyone tried this, they should back up the registry key.

I got the same problem here. I have a notebook hp nc6400 running windows
vista and it was not able to recognize correctly my 2GB SD card. The
solution above I found in a forum at

Run regedit and edit the key:
Change the value from 16 (Decimal) to 1. Reboot and voilà.

It worked fine for me... I hope it can work for you guys too.


Barb Bowman
MS Windows-MVP


card reader was fine, but now it can't read 2gb sd cards again in sp1 rc1

MS really better fix this once and for all


Installed Vista yesterday, and the only thing I'm having trouble with is my
card reader.

It'll read all of my 128mb, 256mb, 512mb and 1gb SD cards no problem, but
won't read my 2gb card. Instead, it gives the message "you need to format
the disk in drive X: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?"

Now, if say yes, it brings up the "format disk" box, but shows the capacity
as being 969mb.
However, if I put the same card reader and the same cardback in my Windows
XP box, it reads it fine as being 2Gb.

Have also tried it with another card reader borrowed from a friend, with the
same result.

Any ideas?

I've always had the same problem with Vista; any SD cards up to 1 Gb are o.k. but anything larger brings up the "format disk" box. Windows 7 has the same problem, so MS have never resolved it. Windows XP works fine up to 4 Gband maybe beyond. Sadly, there will be no support for XP from April.

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