Caps Lock indicator PowerPoint 2007



When i'm working in PowerPoint 2007, I can't tell if my Caps Lock key is on
or off without typing something. Is there an indicator somewhere to tell me
when my Caps Lock key is on?

Austin Myers

Caps Lock is a system function, PowerPoint is clueless about it. On my XP
and Vista systems, if I hit the Caps Lock key I get a small message box in
the lower right screen that tells me its condition. Don't you?

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

Provider of PFCPro, PFCMedia and PFCExpress

Lucy Thomson


As John says there is normally a little light that comes on on your
keyboard. But another idea is to turn on toggle keys so it makes a sound
whenever you hit the Caps Lock key... Start -> control panel -> accessibility
options -> keyboard -> tick 'use toggle keys'


John Wilson

Like Austin my set up indicates caps lock etc on screen (In my case it's the
wireless keyboard that does this) This is not a standard feature though but
there are several programmes out there to add this function. Try a google for
caps lock indicator
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