Can't Verify Address



Messenger constantly pops up a message asking me to go to
my email to verify my email address. It says there is a
message there I need to respond to. Maybe this was the
case years ago when I first set up messenger, but there
is no such message now, and I can't do the verification
without the message. Any ideas on how I can verify my
email address to satisfy the program???

Jonathan Kay [MVP]


Alain Stucki

I had the same problem and what I did was I canceled my account and
re-opened it 5 minutes later. So I received that
please-click-here-to-confirm-mail again.

Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Hi Alain,

This isn't recommended as canceling your Passport will subject your contact list to deletion
(usually they're not removed immediately, but it can happen) and remove possible associations
your Passport has (to say for instance, MSN Mobile or eBay).
Jonathan Kay
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