Can't use protection options


Carole O

Excel 2003

I have created a spreadsheet and protected the first row (merged cells)
after unlocking, selecting the row, locking and protecting. I have allowed
all options in the protect sheet block except Select Locked Cells. I cannot
insert a column with the top row locked, or filter, or merge the unprotected
cells. I can insert a row using the Insert Row command, but not using the
insert icon. I can delete a row using the delete command, but not using the
delete icon.

Any ideas? I have a name in the top row that I want to protect so other
branches of the company can't use the template.

Carole O



Gord Dibben

You cannot insert or delete a column because you have entire row1 locked.

You cannot autofilter on a protected sheet unless you have the autofilter
arrows enabled prior to protecting the sheet.

None of the icons for deleting or inserting work on a protected sheet.

You cannot merge unlocked cells.........that feature is locked out even when
Format Cells is allowed.

These are just limitations you have to live with unless you want to use VBA
to unprtect, do the operation then re-protect.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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