Can't use other browsers to view my webpage properly.




I've done a Stargate Fansite and people who don't use IE are having problems
with it, ie Netscape.

The URL is

I'm using FP2003. External links to my website work but the internal links

I don't have a clue on how to solve this problem. Does anyone know how to?


Steve Easton

There's a javascript error on the page, and also a permission denied error.
It appears that the error is in the script generated by the server and not a problem with you or

You need to contact Lycos to resolve the issue.

Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
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........................with a computer

Chuck Davis

Only Netscape 7.0 renders the page corectly. With Opera 7, IE 6 and Firefox
1.0, I must scroll side-to-side to see your header. Further excaberating the
viewing on IE 6 is the Lycos frame at the right.

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