Can't see past emails in inbox of Outlook 2003



I'm running Outlook 2003. In my Inbox, when I start it up in the
morning, all the emails from yesterday and before have disappeared.
Normally, they are sorted by date ('Date: Today', 'Date: Yesterday',
'Date: Last Week', and so forth).

This morning, all but 'Date: Today' have disppeared. This has happened
once before, but it wasn't a big deal. Today it is.

What setting am I missing, or what view do I need to change? It's an
Exchange 2003 email account.


Are the group collapsed ? You can collapse or extend the group by clickin
gon the + or - where Date: Today, Date: yesterday is shown.


Thanks for the reply. Well, I've changed the view to get rid of the
grouping and so it just shows all my Inbox emails straight-away....

.... and all I see is still just my emails from today, none that were in
my Inbox last night from days before.

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