Can't Save Movie in .avi format. Can't run MM2 Movies on Media Player



Movie Maker is supposed to be able to save movies in
these formats? I only get the .wmv choice and it doesn't
work on any machine that doesn't have MM2 installed.
Supported Formats for Saving Movies
Windows Media video files: .wmv
Windows Media audio files: .wma
DV/AVI format for video: .avi

When I save a movie and then try to run it on another
machine with only Media Player and not MM2 installed it
only runs the audio with no video.

Please Help.

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

The DV-AVI option is one of them in saving to your computer > Show more
choices > Other settings > DV-AVI from the pick list

The .wma file would happen automatically if you save a movie that has
audio/music clips but no video clips.


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