Can't save combobox data


Tobias Ortmann


i've created a custom form, with some comboboxes, listboxes
and textboxes, all bind to fields. The possible values for one combobox is
generated with code in the item_open event. It is filled with the
distingishedNames of all OUs in the current domain.
The possible values for the other combo and listboxes are filled in the
oncustomproperty_change event with other distinguishednames for some AD
properties, in cause of the selection in the first combo. The textboxes are
filled by hand.

If I save the Form to a folder only the textbox values get saved. The list
and comboboxes are empty if i reopen the item.


Here is the code for the item_open:

Function Item_Open()

Dim MyPage
Dim strOU
Dim arrOUs

Set MyPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Nachricht")

arrOUs = ListAllOUs()

For Each strOU In arrOUs
MyPage.ctlOU.AddItem strOU

Set MyPage = Nothing
End Function

My intention for this form is to save some settings for a workflow app
here. The form should work like microsofts security settings form.

Please can someone give a hint!

Thanks in advance



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