Can't run programs (.exe) on XP



I made the mistake of trying to view a program (.exe file) with wordpad using
'open with' . Now all my programs start with wordpad and display the text of
the program. How do I undo this?

Help please, anyone!

R. McCarty

You would need to revert the file type association, but it's easier to
just use System Restore back to a date before you made the change.


Thanks guys, but I tried both these suggestions and neither of them solved
the problem. I think I followed all the instructions correctly but the
problem persists. Any other suggestions?


Alan Edwards

I suspect you did not follow the instructions correctly.
You download xp_exe_fix .zip and open it.
You MUST extract xp_exe_fix.reg to a folder on your hard disk and
either double-click it or right-click and select Merge and answer Yes
to the import prompt.

Did you do all that?


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