Can't Run Group Policy


Diane Hopkins

Dear Sir / Madam:

The following error message started up about 2 months ago. I noticed it
when I usually run Group Policy Editor from the Powertoy TweakUI. The error
message is as follows:
"Snap in failed to initialize" Name Group Policy
CLSID {8FCOB734-AOE1-1101-A7D3-0000F87571E3}

I don't recall ever customizing any snap in for the Group Policy Editor.
Does any expert out there know how to repair this? I would like to have a
working copy of my Group Policy Editor.

Thank you in advance for any expert advice and/or help you may be able to
provide me. Your time and brains are much appreciated!

Diane Hopkins
Running Windows XP Pro, SP2
1Gig of Ram
AMD Athlon XP

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