Cant Restart XP Home Edt / Desktop doesnt reload / Blank Screen



Thank you All in advance for your responds.

My laptop froze and I had to restart it using the on/off button. During the
reboot, I saw the windows logo showing on my screen while loading just like
normal, however, my desktop never reloaded. Now, It appears a blank black
screen after the reloading process. No error messages either. I push the F8
button to access the "advanced options menu" during the restart. I tried safe
mode, Last Known Good Configuration, Start Windows Normalls but none of those
options worked. I didnt want to get into more technical stuff without an
expert's offers for alternative solutions. I want to find a solution without
loosing any documents in my computer. I would appreciate if you could please
send me your recommendations. Thank you

Now, on my Advanced Options Menu, i see the following:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Enable Boot Logging
Enable VGA Mode
Last Known Good Configuration
Directory Restore Mode (Windows Domain Controllers only)
Debugging Mode
Disable automatic restart on system failure

Start Windows Normally
Return to OS Choices Menu
PS: My computer has the Windows XP Restore CD installed. It came like that
from the factory without a CD. I can still access to it somehow though if i
need to do system restore. (would i loose word,excel, and picture files? I
dont care about loosing some programs)


Whether you would lose all data with a restore depends on the type of
restore options available, they are dependent on the PC maker, eg you may
only be able to do a destructive restore, whereby all data is lost, or a
Usually if you have a restore parition there would also be the option to
create the restore cd's, since you havent, if your drive has died so has any
facility for a restore.

Where you go from here depends how technically competent you are, ie booting
with a linux cd to recover data, which you should in any case have
previously backed up
PS You allready posted this Q 12 hrs ago

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