Can't play wmv file on Vista



I created a recording in Microsoft Live Meeting.

I can take the wmv file into WMM on Windows XP and play it.

If I take it into WMM on Windows Vista, it will not play at all and appread
as one black clip.


Check my website's Import Movie Source Files > Video > WMV page. Screen
recordings are compressed with different codecs than video files, and need
conversion before being used by a video editing app such as Movie Maker.



Thanks for that. I downdloaded and installed the Windows Media Encoder and
followed your instructions and that did the trick.

I'm grateful for your help.


Now I have another Issue.

The original file was 5 Mb. After the conversion it jumped to 76 Mb.

After I had edited it in Movie Maker and "Published" a new wmv, it was down
to 50Mb. I've played with converting it using encoder but the smallest I can
get it down to is 40Mb with a drop in quality.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this what I should expect for a 26
minute voice and slide recording?



As you see, video files are much, much larger than those made by screen
recordings or Photo Story 3. Reducing the file size will result in visual
quality losses.

You'll need to balance the quality versus file size.... it'll depend a lot
on the content. See my website's Saving Movies > Custom WMV Profiles page if
you want to make your own profile that best balances things for your needs.

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