Can't ping Vista machine from XP machine?



I have 2 XP machines and 1 Vista machine. The Vista machine can access the
XP machines (using a variety of methods), but the XP machines cannot access
the Vista machine (in any way/shape/form). That includes "ping", file
sharing, an HTTP server, anything.

I temporarily disabled the Window's Firewall and McAfee (which is running on
the Vista machine), but no luck.

All computers are in the same workgroup and subnet.

I looked for denial logs for Window's Firewall and McAfee, and neither one
had any record of the attempt that I could find.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to fix this? Any tips that may help me
narrow it down?


File and print sharing are enabled, but neither of my XP machines can use it
to access files on the Vista machine. (It works the other way around, but
only if I type in the name or IP of the XP machine - Vista doesn't "discover"
the other machines.)

"ping localhost" is successful from the Vista machine (as is "ping [ip
address of Vista machine]").

As I mentioned previously, I've tried many things other than just "ping", no
form of network access has worked (and I've tried about 4 or 5).

Is there any utility that may be able to tell me what (if anything) is
blocking it? From the XP machines' point of view it looks like the vista
machine doesn't even exist - it appears to have the exact same behavior as it
does when I ping some IP that definitely doesn't exist... But yet the Vista
machine can ping the XP machine, so the network/router must be setup

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

For troubleshooting, start the Vista with clean boot. Or these search
results may help.

Troubleshooting Vista with clean bootHow to run Windows OS with a clean
....How to run Windows OS with a clean boot ... when you cannot determine the
cause of the issue, you may run Windows Safe ...

Other can't see VistaOther computers can't see Vista ... XP can't access
Vista shared folders because of permission · Windows XP cannot see Vista ...

Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Troubleshooting on
How to Setup Windows, Network, VPN & Remote Access on


I tried the clean boot, and clicked on many of the links in the pages you
gave me. Unfortunately, none of those things seemed to have any effect on
this problem. I even tried disabling IPv6 (which is a solution I saw
somewhere else for a similar problem), but nothing so far has had any effect
on the problem.

If it helps, the vista machine is only able to access the XP machines by
typing in their names or IPs - they aren't listed in the "Network" page, but
the Vista machine does have access to them as long as I type in their name or
IP. (I don't really care about that - just thought I'd mention it in case it
helps...) But the XP machines cannot access the Vista machine in any way at

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