can't open the front-end database file of a split db



If I open the front-end ascs.mdb file by holding down the shift key, I get an
error message:
"Z:\SwimClub\asc_be.mdb" is not a valid path. Make sure that the path name
is spelled correctly and that you are connnected to the server on which the
file resides."

If I double click the front end ascs.mdb file, then I get the same message.
I get the dialog "Opening "C:\Program Files\SwimClub\ascs.mdb" then I get
the same error message "Z:\SwimClub\asc_be.mdb is not a valid path. " It
can't find the backend file. I moved all 3 files, ascs, ascs_be and the
System file to the ProgramFiles on C drive in the SwimClub folder. I did
create a shortcut to the backend as suggested which is nice and brings up the
backend via the account login but the problem is I cannot access the

If I try to open the front-end file ascs.mdb exclusively, I get the error
message "You can't open "C:\Program Files\SwimClub\ascs.mdb" for exclusive
use because another user has the database open or because you do not have
permissions to open exclusively." Access will open the database for shared

In the front end file are some scripts that are crashing the database. Is
my only choice to put the front-end back on the Z:\SwimClub drive so I can
get it to open? I managed to refresh all the links from the front-end to the
back-end since I have them all in the C:\Program Files\SwimClub where I want
them as i said the backend opens nicely.

Just to see if it would fix it, I put a copy of all 3 files, ascs.mdb,
ascs_be.mdb and System.mdw in the Z:\SwimClub mapped drive. This is my guess
where the users had it and shared the file with other members of their
workgroup. I still get the error message, you don't have exclusive
permission to open the folder in exclusive mode. So I can open the backend
file but not the front-end. The front-end is where the scripts and forms
are that I need to work on?



Arvin Meyer MVP

Check the drive mappings on your system. Do you have a Z drive? Use the Link
Table Manager to relink the tables to the back-end, or if you are having a
hard time of it, delete all the links and create new ones.

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