Can't Open Multiple Instances of Access when Office Communicator o



I have a user that is running Access 2003 which was working fine until
Windows Messenger was upgraded to Office Communicator 2005. Now, this person
can't open more than one instance of Access if Outlook and Communicator are
open at the same time.

When the user first starts his workstation, he opens Outlook and Communicator.
He is able to open one instance of Microsoft Access and work in it without
If he attempts to open more than one instance of Access, the second one
never comes up and the first one locks up and he must end task.

If he closes Communicator and Outlook, Access works fine and he can open
multiple instance of Access.

If he just has Outlook running without Communicator, Access works fine.
If he has Communicator open without Outlook, Access again works fine.

If both instances of Access are already open when he opens Outlook and
Communicator, there is no issue.

We've uninstalled/reinstalled Communicator without resolution.

Any suggestions, I'm not sure where to begin with this one.

Thank you!

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