Can't open HTML in Briefcase



I have several saved html files in my Briefcase and when I try to open them
I get this message.

"The Briefcase is open on another computer.
Close the Briefcase on that computer, and then try again."

When I did this on Windows ME, the Briefcase allowed me to open the HTML
files so I don't understand why I can't do it on this one. I honestly also
can't remember if this is a new problem as I don't remember the last time I
had to open a saved HTML file from my Briefcase.

Also I've noticed that I'm getting alot of "Offline" popups when I know I
have a constant connection to the internet. It just pops up the first time,
then when I click the 'try again' option it works fine. I didn't take too
close of a notice on the popup so I don't know the wording directly.

If anyone knows why this these things are happening it would be a great help
because I'm just confused about it all.

Thank you,


The error message is telling you that you have a sesssion of Yahoo Briefcase
open elsewhere and is aksing you to close it prior to opening another. If
this message is in error, contact Yahoo for help.


I don't think I have Yahoo Briefcase installed on my laptop. How do I find
out if I do? Then how to I remove it? It's not in my Add/Remove Programs

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