Can't import from excel 2007 to outlook 2007



I'm trying to import a csv file from excel 2007 to outlook 2007, here is the
message I get:


An error has occurred in the Microsoft Office Outlook Translator while
initializing a translator to build a field map.

Internal Error: Unable to load File Access Engine (.FAE) DLL, additional
Outlook translators can be instaled from the Valupack."

Please Help!

I've posted this to the general office board as well.

Charles W Davis

By default, Office Excel 2007 uses a new file format that has file
extensions of .xlsx, .xlsm, or .xlsb. Office Outlook 2007 does not support
opening files in these file formats.


Thanks, for responding, however, would this explain the error if i'm saving
the file as a .csv?


I have the same / similar issue and spend several HOURS on the phone
with MS today and got mmmmmmmm not very far.
The best they could suggest was to uninstall Office 2007, erase the
related file folders and registry keys then re-install.

I DID learn how to break a system that is working correctly... so
maybe this is a hint....

If you go to:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\CONVERT

and then rename/remove the file called OLTASK.FAE then boom it breaks;
put file back it works again (assuming it worked before that is....)

My file was dated 10/26/2006 with size of 81K I substituted the same
file from another system, but no improvement....

Have you had any luck?


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