can't import Excel spreadsheet



Using Office 2003
I have an existing spreadsheet database and the first row contains column
headings. The data was keyed in from paper tickets where there were multiple
entries on the same ticket number. So there are several rows for ticket 1,
several for ticket 2, etc.

When I've tried to import, I get an error "an error occurred trying to
import file 'path listed'. The file was not imported.

I don't understand why it won't import, and wonder if the spreadsheet needs
to be massaged somehow.

I tried importing to a blank database with the same error.
I asked Access to assign the primary key. I'll want to be able to search the
table by the item field.

Jeanette Cunningham

The first thing to try is to import to a new table.
If the file won't import to a new table, it could be related to how the
spreadsheet is set up. Here are some things to try.

Try this:
Unhide all rows and columns.
Unmerge any merged cells.
Clean up the worksheet:
put the cursor in A1 then hit Ctl+ Shift + End
If the selected area is bigger than the rows and columns you wish to import,
delete all the extra rows and columns.
Remove any borders and shading formatting

As your data is not normalized, you really do need to import to a temporary
import table.
Use append queries and/or union queries to get the data out of the temporary
import table into the appropriate table for the normalized data.

Jeanette Cunningham -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

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