Can't get printers to work


christopher bakos

I have tried to install 2 different printers (Konica Minolta Magicolor 2400W
color laser and the Dell A920 laser jet) but with no luck. There were no
updated drivers at the manufacturers websites. The only printer that has
come close to working is the Konica Minolta Magicolor 2400W. It sends the
job to the print spooler, but it lists the print job as 'Local Downlevel
Document' and doesn't print. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, is there a list of Vista friendly printers?

Andre Da Costa [Extended64]



i am having this exact same problem with the Konica Minolta 2400w. I have
submitted a bug report. If you really need to get something to print, I seem
to be able to get the document to print by restarting. Unfortunately, it
freezes on the restart because of the document in queue to print which won't
release, but after hitting the reset button the document seems to print as
the PC restarts. I can get one document to print at time, any other
documents in the queue are lost after the restart.


I had the same problem with my Magicolor 2430DL. When I turned off user
account control my printer would print from USB or TCP/IP ports. The only
problem is the printer icon in the system tray will still show the document
is in queue although it has been printed.

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