Can't get Newsgroups



I'm having trouble subscribing to newsgroups in Vista mail. I've put all of
my server info in correctly, and it attempts to download the groups, but an
"unknown error" occurs about halfway through the list. None of my favorite
groups show up. It seems as though all I have access to are the alt.binary
groups. Any ideas?

Jim Pickering

The build you are using had a problem with news servers that host a large
number of newsgroups (25,000 or more). This has apparently been fixed in
later builds. If you have access to the later builds as an authorized beta
tester via the Connect site, you might want to download an updated build.
If you are a member of the public beta test only, then an alternative fix
would be if you know both the name of the news server and the newsgroup you
want to enter the info using a link constructed as follows and insert that
info into the Start/Run line:


Lang Murphy


Yes, I can verify it's been fixed. Just installed 5472 and can get NG's that
bombed in B2.



Jim Pickering

Thanks for that feedback. It was pretty "flakey" early on and there were
lots of complaints and they fixed it. Now here's hoping they fix remaining

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