Can't FTP using DSL after upgrading to Windows XP Pro



I get an error message "An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to
host. Dreamweaver could not connect because the server is down or not
accepting connections."

I can connect using dial-up to FTP from Dreamweaver but not DSL. I've gone
into Firewall and Added Dreamweaver to the Exceptions and added Port 21 for
FTP and it still doesn't work. I've tried selecting Passive FTP and not
selecting Passive and it doesn't work.

I even went into IE and changed the settings for "Use Passive FTP" and that
didn't make a difference either.

HELP! This only started occurring after I upgraded from XP Home Edition to
XP Professional Edition with the SP2. Is there a setting someplace I need to
change to get this to work. I've got a business to run and can't function on


Interesting-I've never bothered with DW's FTP program because I'm used to FTP
explorer ( I've also disabled the XP firewall in favor
of Zone alarm. Dreamweaver FTP works fine this way. I enabled the XP firewall
and was unable to FTP from Dreamweaver, even after trying all the fixes you
did, and then some.
So-disable the XP firewall and get Zone Alarm. You'll be prompted to allow
DW the first time you use it.

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