Can't extract record from AD using service Account



I am having problem to select out the list of records from
1 of the domain (Asia-pac domain) in AD if i use the
service account (sh-B.service-s login to shell domain.).

If i were to use my login mymya2(login to Asia-pac
domain), then it will be able to return the list of
records that i want. Same set of source code is used to
run the application, the only different is different

Can u suggest solutions of resolving this problem
& check the different between these two accounts so that
i will be able to select out records from all the
domains . Thank you.



Eric Fleischman [MSFT]


Can you give us more info about what exactly you're trying to do (what
tools, procedures, etc.) and what sorts of errors you are getting? It's hard
to say what the problem is without more details.

From a high level, the first thing to check would be the objects you are
trying to export and what the ACL's on them are, and then what groups each
account is a member of. There might be an access denied or something like
that getting under foot.


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