Can't drag new data to chart in 2007.



I have a series of charts that I update every 2 weeks with 2 more weeks of
data. When using Excel 2003 I was able to drag and drop the added 2 columns
of data to the chart and it automatically incorporated them. Since
converting to 2007, I can't do this (or at least haven't figured out how).
Instead of incorporating the data it simply moves the data itself to cells
behind the chart. I should also mention that some time ago (while still in
Excel 2003) the spreadsheet stopped enclosing/highlighting the charted data
when I selected the chart (which, when it did this, allowed me to simply grab
the corner of the selected data and move it over 2 more row). Does anyone
have any ideas for making either of these features work again?



Jon Peltier

They removed this functionality from Excel 2007.

Copy the cells you want to include, select the chart, and paste.

- Jon

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