Can't download Inventory Template



I am trying to download the Inventory template (there's only one, apparently)
from the "Business" templates attached to the Access opening pages, and I
keep getting a message, "Template 'Inventory.accdt' could not be instantiated
[where does this word come from?]....The Table 'Transaction Types' could not
be read from the template file. The object may be in an unrecognized format
or contain invalid data."

My spidey sense tells me that ".accdt" should be ".accdb" but I can't
imagine there has been a typo in this template for years. Whattup?



Sean Timmons

Mine pulled up fine. Shows as an MDZ so not sure what goes on with your error
message. Not sure which version of Access you have...

If you search templates online, there are many Inventory templates to choose



Ann Ray

Just installed the trial version of office--mostly to play with Access--and
am getting this error on multiple templates using both the local and online
new from template links. It is specific to opening accdt files, because I
just had no problem opening an accdb which was generated from a 2007 template.

I'm on XP Pro SP3. Any chance it's having a hissy because I'm still using
Outlook 2003? Wasn't willing to tamper with my PST for a trial installation.

Anyone have an update? Not finding any other leads searching around.

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