can't download anything



I have recently had my pc formatted,vista home premium(32) put back on,now i
cant download attatchment,updates etc,it looks like it as done them,but
nothing there,if i ask to save or run niether works.i think it has something
to do with defender not working correctly.error message=c\program
files\windows defender\mpOav.dll is either no designed to run in windows or
it contains a error.try installing the program again using the original
installation media or contact your system admin or software vendor for
i use internet explorer,


I am having the same problem. A few days ago I downloaded Vista SP1 and I
have not been able to download anything since. I have been struggling for
days to find an answer. The SP seems to have eliminated any earlier restore
points. Please, if anyone can help. (Internet Explorer on Vista Home

Luis Armelin

Are you using a standard account or administrative one?
If you are using a standard account, maybe User Account Control is turned
Check this.

Luis Alberto Armelin

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