Cant Digitally Sign Excel VBA Project




I have created a digital signature using SelfCert.exe.

I have also created a VBA Module using Excel 2003 SP 2. The workbook that
contains the module is in the: -

Microsoft Excel 97 - Excel 2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook (*.xls) format.

When I digitally sign the VBA project and then try and save the file I get
the error message:

"Excel can not sign VBA macros when saving to this file format. Do you want
to remove the digital signature a continue saving this workbook?"

The workbook has to be shared with other users and changing the security
levels in Office for the other users is not an option.

Please can somebody help?

Thanks in advance Stevie.




According to Microsoft,

"You can digitally sign any Excel workbook or Excel template. However,
Excel versions that are earlier than Microsoft Excel 2002 do not
recognize the digital signature.

If you digitally sign a shared workbook, Excel will not retain the
digital signature because more than one person can make changes to the
workbook. Additionally, you cannot code sign a macro project, because
Excel will not allow you to create or make changes to macro projects
in a workbook after it has been set up as shared workbook."





Thanks for the response JP.

Although other people will be using this workbook it has not been set-up as
a shared workbook.

Happily I have found a work around. That is, to save the workbook as a
template (xlt). Then, open the newly created xlt (as an xlt from the
templates folder) and save this template file as a workbook (xls).

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