can't control screen size: image too large and blurry



My Dell Lattitude 600 is attached to a Dell port replicator for the Lattitude
D-family laptops and so is my Dell 2208 (22â€) monitor. Everything has been
working together well EXCEPT when I try to play some web-based videos (not
all) using Windows Media Player 11. Sometimes, the video jumps to full screen
on the 2208 and the external mouse, normally fine with the 2208, is only
operable on the laptop, where the image is sometimes full screen, sometimes
not. In any case, I see only the video on the 2208 and not the controls for
Media Player. Because the external mouse is not working on the 2208 at these
times, I can't bring the image down to less than full screen and it is often
very grainy because the low-resolution video is not meant to be played on the
2208 at full screen.

How can I control the image size on my 2208? Is there a function button
that will give me control? When I use the external mouse to stop or pause
Media Player from the laptop screen, the mouse control returns to the 2208.
What is happening and what can I do about it?

Thank you.

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