Can't add LPT port


Chris Sanchez

I have an HP Laserjet6l printer that I am trying to
install. Everytime I install it I get a window at the end
of the install routine that says: "There was an error
installing your device: Printer name is invalid."

I have used the Windows 2000 drivers and then I also tried
using the HP drivers that I downloaded but no luck. I
checked the Server Properties under Printers, File, Server
Properties, Ports and I see that I only have a Virtual USB
Printer port which is working fine with my Epson Inkjet.
However, I do not see an LPT port at all. I tried adding
one and when it wants to look for the files in the D:\I386
folder its "Insert the Windows 2000 Professional (beta 3)
CD ROM. I insert it but it keeps coming up. I tried
copying the whole file to my C drive but no luck. What is
the problem?

Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

I have seen issues when the LPT ports are no longer listed by the spooler
because another application replaced the registry entry for the dll
controlling where to look in the registry for the port list.
reg key is here:
Local Port should point to this binary
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\Local Port\Driver
reg_sz = localspl.dll

The Port list that the spooler reads at startup is here:
the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Ports

LPT ports should be listed here

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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