Can't access Messenger nor Hotmail


George cacique5

Please help. After I signed up to Road Runner by Times
Warner I lost MSN Messenger and Hotmail. I have followed
all of instruction to reset my password with no success.
I am using Windows XP Professional. Is there anything I
need to reset or able or disable to make it work again.
Please help me. I am a novice at this and any sugetion
should help



After I cleck on Messenger Icon, I am asked to Sign In, a
window pops up telling me: Sign In to NET Messenger
Service failed because the password is incorrect of the
name does not exist. If you have forgotten your
password, click HELP in the main window, and then click
Help Topic. I have done that, go to help, and a NET
Passport Member Service pops up, and when I cleck to any
of the items in there, it tells me the page can not be
displayed. Is there any setting I need to change? My
Messenger/Hot Mail has been in service for many years,
What changed?

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