Canon MG6320



Do any of you readers have experience with the Canon MG6320 printer -- positive or negative?

What about its predecessor, the MG6220?

I’m considering the MG6320, and am curious about a few things.

Can it be connected by USB to one PC, and by LAN to another at the same time?

It seems to have a hairpin-shaped paper path for both plain paper and photos. Any paper-jam problems because of this?

My configuration:
Win 7 PC collocated with wireless router and with the (potential) printer
Win XP PC on the wireless LAN



Do any of you readers have experience with the Canon MG6320 printer -- positive or negative?

The good thing about this printer is that it prints really great photos! And their printheads don't
clog after extended lack of use.

Unfortunately all the rest is bad. I've been using Canon printers for the past decade, and they have
been great! But this one caught me by surprise. The rinky-dink tiny CLI-226 ink cartridges have be
reduced to 60% the size of previous cartridges. i.e. 9 ml vs 13ml!!!

After printing only 25 - 8x10 colour prints, I was getting warnings that it was time to replace the
ink tanks!! So that's about $3 a page for ink! I can get my photos printed at Costco for MUCH less
than that.

Until Canon comes up with a MUCH bigger cartridge, I'm done with Canon inkjets!


You can print to the Canon MG6320 via wired or WiFi networking while
printing via USB.

But, if both/all computers are on a LAN, why even use USB ?

While I'd likely start with a LAN connection, it's good to know that both can be used together. First, USB seems more reliable in general, and second,I've noticed a few software features supported only using USB (admittedly obscure features).

Important to me now is the question about (lack of) paper jams. Long ago, Ihad a printer from a different manufacturer with a U-shaped hairpin paper path. Jams were so frequent, I had to use its page-at-a-time manual feed slot a lot. The MG6320 doesn't seem to have that emergency work-around. Hopefully, paper-handling reliability has improived in the industry since my earlier experience.

On the net, I couldn't find reviews from people who have used the MG6320, so thanks for the comments in this NG.

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