cannot upload through VPN



We use Win2K (w/SBS) on the server & Win2K Pro on all
workstaions. Our company has two employees that connect
via VPN, it has worked fine for several years. Now
employee #1 cannot upload a data file back to the server,
but employee #2 can upload the same file with no
problem. Uploads & downloads are done to and from mapped
drives. Employee #1 gets this message: "path too deep"
each time he tries uploading. Please do not tell me that
it is because there are too many characters in the name or
path because it doesn't. Plus if that was the case why
would it work for employee #2? No settings on the server
have been changed at all. If there is anyone out there
that can help me, I would be forever grateful, as I have
been searching for a fix on this for weeks. Thanks in

Marina Roos

Do these employees have the same rights? Are they working on a laptop from
home? Check the VPN-settings and compare them.

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