cannot uninstall Business contact manager



Hi Guys,

I am trying to uninstall business contact manager-07 it came preinstalled
with my office 07- but when i go to uninstall it gives me a error
stating *sql write, Sql dumper library failed initialisation- pls re-run
Tried running setup again for business contact manager and it fails with
another error, Bcm has 3 sql entries in add or remove programs uninstalled
all of them and still bcm cant be uninstalled is there anyway i can disable
the setup wizard that popups for BCM when i open outlook and how do i get rid
of bcm completely by unstalling it.


Lon Orenstein


Go into your Mail settings in Control Panel, open up the Profile you use,
and delete the BCM entry. That will stop prompting you for BCM database


Lon Orenstein
pinpointtools, llc
(e-mail address removed)
Author of Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager For Dummies
Author of the eBook: Moving from ACT! to Business Contact Manager

jenni seiler

I am so frustrated with BCM. I am the only one in my office who cannot get this to run on my computer.
It has crashed my computer and been automatically disabled. Then I tried to uninstall and it "looks" like its uninstalling but still shows in my programs list in control panel.I put the disk in anyway to reinstall and it only offers me accounting, which i dont want. Then at every start up I get an errorcould not open sqlevn70.rll...blah corrupt...tampered...blah... So I got into programs and tried to delete the sql. no luck with that either and I know one directly effects each other.

HELP before I throw this thing out the window :)

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