Cannot Shift objects off sheet.



Good Day!

I have a user who is receiving this problem in Excel 2003 while attempting
to hide columns. I have followed the steps in KB 211769
(, and was unable to hide 6 columns,
each of which have a comment somewhere in them.

Using resolution method 1, we are still receiving the same error even after
altering all three comments. It is also important to note that these
comments have been cut/pasted over from earlier in the spreadsheet, and those
columns were able to be hidden just fine.

We are currently trying to hide columns GF through GW.

I look forward to any other solutions the community may know about.





This message appears when you try to insert rows or columns and there is
something in the right hand columns or bottom rows. Suppose your
spreadsheet extends from A1:D10 as far as you are concerned. Click the first
"empty" column letter, here E and then press Shift+Ctrl+Right Arrow. The
press Ctrl+- (Ctrl and the Minus key)
The select the first empty row number, here 11 and press Shift+Ctrl+Down
Arrow. and then Ctrl+- again.

FYI - you can check to see how big Excel thinks your active sheet is by
pressing Ctrl+End. This takes you to the intersection of the last row and
column with something in them (including formatting and comments).

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