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Robert Herridge

Hi i'm hoping someone can help me with an problem i'm having on Microsfot
Office 2007 Outlook. I'm running Vista home edition on an HP Laptop.

I can send and a receive text email no problem. I can also receive large

However, if i try to send an email with a large attachment say 1-4MB ( I
appear to be able to send small attachments up to 500k) and my server has a
limit of 10MB, a couple of things happen ( I dont know if they are rleated
but I suspect so) .

1) I get a message saying prepare to send/receive rather than the nomal
message saying "sending 1 of 1" and then I get a "send/receive error"

2) As it tries to send the email, even if I'm only trying to send 1 email it
says "sending 1 of 2" , but there is only 1 email in the outbox
It's as though there's a previosu mail stuck somewhere and its still trying
to send

I've tried rebooting, archiving, backing up, windows update, office update,
avg and spybot scans and nothing has improved. I've tried connecting to the
internet elsewhere 9ie through a differnt ISP but the same thing happens
which leads me to believe is a laptop/vista issue or an outlook issue (I
suspect the latter) - I've googled the problem and found some suggestions but
nothign that has worked

Can anyone offer any suggestions or solutions ?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

How many accounts do you have set up in Outlook? If you have 2 or more
you'll see the sending 1 of x message even though you aren't sending that

Are you using antivirus scanner to scan outgoing email? if so, disable it.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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