Cannot see the replica



After i has set up two DC, and I configure the trust
relationship for them. Is it possible for them to replicate each other?
if yes why cant I see each other in the AD site and services ? i means i
cant select the computer from others domain, i can only manage to select
local domain object.
In the trust relationship it state there "external" will it matters?


Donnie, It seems like you have setup two separate forests. Domain
Controllers only replicate with other domain controllers within same forest!
Domain Controllers within a forest replicates the Schema and Configuration
Partition. Domain Controllers within same Domain Replicates Domain Partition
as well (Users, Computers, OUs and so on)


thanks alot, now i try start up with new joining forest dc. but face some
problem needs your help.
During the dcpromo process i choose to joining the existing forest, after
all the creating process failed after the server replicating services . it
says that the server failed to create a object cn=??? cn=??? cn =??? xxx=dc

please guide,

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