Cannot remove virus



Hello. Before I begin, let me give you a background of my computer.

I am running Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2, all updates were
installed, I use AVG Free anti-virus (that contains automatic updates, but
cannot afford things like Norton or Symantic due to my financial situation),
i also have Ad-Aware SE installed along with Windows Defender. My firewall at
the time was turned ON, and I was usuing IE7.

Just recently, my computer has obtainted a virus somehow. I began to get
pop-up ads with my popup blocked in IE set to high, so i scaned my computer
for viruses, spyware, and adware. i had some items from those scans that
needed to be removed. I did what the program told me to do, and then I
restarted my computer. After the restart, I couldn't open any program or
shortcut from my desktop (the icon would become transparent) and neither from
the start menu. When I started up IE, it wouldn't let me connect to any
website. If I wanted to open up the program, I would have to find the .exe
file manually. My help and support center is also completely shot and wont
work, and when I try to open find, the find program from windows won't open
up. I had another problem back in July and just ended up reinstalling
Windows, but when I did that, the drivers never installed. I bought my
compuer through Dell and I never got a drivers CD. can someone please help me?


Set XP to show all files. Control Panel-Appearances/Themes-Folder View.
Check the box 'show all files/folders'. Uncheck the box 'hide system
files/folders'. Run all scans again.

If you can get inline, Online Housecall-do an online

For drivers check Dell's site. For more help, Dell Support.


You still have the virus.
Re-start and try to enter in "safe" mode and then run again the antivirus,
Turn off System restore.After ran antivirus turn on system restore.You may
try with ewido.It is free to try and it is from AVG. AVG is very good but you
may need to have firewall.


i forgot to mention that i did run the scans in safe mode and i did find the
driver downloads from dell, and i plan on starting to wipe my hard drive and
wish for the best

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