cannot remove footer date from printing



I cannot remove footer date from printing
In the footer in page set up footer date is empty
why would the date appear
we thought at 1st it was from somebody elses email was
not the case

What can you recomend



Ive got same problem , I want to print without headers or footers

The Microsoft site shows how to do it but it involves
4 or five steps , does not save to next print so its very monotonous for
printing many emails

PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you find a header free
email program or a way to do it or a add on or something

you can get email through one of the sites below

Paul [Bluesky Marketing]
Never Be A Cloud In Anyones Life Home :)
Sep 29, 2009
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Removing the date when printing from the bottom left corner of emails

  • Open the email
  • Save the email as an HTML file using File > Save As and save it locally on your PC e.g. Desktop
  • Close the email
  • Re-open it from the Desktop
  • In IE select File > Page Setup and remove the code &u&b&d from the footer field (this will have to only be done once)
  • Print the email
Unfortunately there is presently no option of removing the date directly from Outlook.

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