Cannot re-promote DC


Brad Hogg

Attempting to demote a DC then promote it again. Server
name "Sonic-FS1" DC demote seems to have worked just
fine. Having trouble promoting the DC again.

Other DCs to replicate with are "PRLUSA-DC1" and "PRLUSA-

PRLUSA-DC1 and 2 are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sonic-
FS1 is located in Dublin, Ireland.

When we first implemented this DC in May 2003, we had an
issue with TCP vs. UDP. We followed the steps in KB
article 244474 "How to Force Kerberos to Use TCP Instead
of UDP". In that case, this fix worked perfectly. I
checked all DCs involved and they all have this registry
setting still.

DCPromoLog has this entry...

01/18 22:47:25 [INFO] Calling NtdsInstall for PRLOANS.LAN
01/18 22:47:25 [INFO] Starting the Directory Service
01/18 22:47:25 [INFO] Validating user supplied options
01/18 22:47:25 [INFO] Determining local site to enter
01/18 22:47:25 [INFO] Examining existing Enterprise
Directory Service
01/18 22:47:29 [INFO] Starting a replication cycle between
FSMO, so that the new replica will be able to create
security principals.
01/18 22:47:52 [INFO] Configuring the local server to host
the Directory Service
01/18 22:47:54 [INFO] Creating the ntdsa object for this
01/18 22:48:40 [INFO] Error - The Directory Service failed
to create the server object for CN=NTDS Settings,CN=SONIC-
S,DC=LAN on server PRLUSA-DC2.PRLOANS.LAN. Please ensure
the network credentials provided have sufficient access to
add a replica. (1722)
01/18 22:48:40 [INFO] NtdsInstall for PRLOANS.LAN returned
01/18 22:48:40 [INFO] DsRolepInstallDs returned 1722
01/18 22:48:40 [ERROR] Failed to install to Directory
Service (1722)
01/18 22:48:48 [INFO] Starting service NETLOGON

Matjaz Ladava [MVP]

Error 1722 = The RPC server is unavailable. I would check my DNS settings
using nslookup. Also check, that RPC trafic can pass to your DC's.


Matjaz Ladava, MCSE, MCSA, MCT, MVP
Microsoft MVP - Active Directory
(e-mail address removed), (e-mail address removed)

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