|||||||| Cannot re-install .NET Framework 2.xx MSVP'S Please! |||||||||


J Tinsby

I got 2 security updates for .NET Framework, both of them failed to
install. So I removed v1.1 and 2.0 from my machine.

I downloaded v 1.1 and that installed OK and I updated it. Then I
d/l'd version 2.0 and it will not install.
The process fails at:
Regsvcs.exe /bootstrapi

The machine just sits there and won't load anything else. I have shut
off all virus protection and spyware and popup blockers but it won't
install beyond the line mentioned above. I have the latest Windows
Installer version.

Prior to the 2 security updates I had both versions 1.1 and 2.0 on my

I have posted to the update groups but no one will reply.

Thank you all in advance!


J Tinsby

Why download,let windows or better,microsoft update install them for you.

Because the install FAILS as did the security updates KB922770 & KB

Removal using the cleanup tool requires a re-install of what was taken

The install fails for version 2.0


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