cannot print calendar



When I select 'file-print-page set-up' nothing happens. When I select
file-print-preview-page setup, I get an error message ' cannot display dialog
box'. Help - I want to print from selections available. I use Outlook
calendar at work and I know that there are selections available.

Does anyone know a fix for this problem?

Thanks, I appreciate any help.


Similar problem on migrating from OL03 (DELL Dimension D505, W2000 Server) to
OL07 (DELL Latitude E6500, W7). Daily & Tri-Fold views won't (or would not)
Preview or Print in OL07 for my HP1200, but Weekly, Montly and Year would.
They did work from our XP machines and the HP3800 and HP1320 printers but
still no 15 minute interval per related problem in next paragraph. Our IT
consultant installed a universal PCL6 driver for the HP1200 which did not
immediately work, but is now making the previews show up for HP1200.
That may work for you Jake. I'm remote from the HP1200 and HP3800 so
can't test them right now. I will be ticked if it does start printing Daily
and Tri-Fold now because we ordered a new printer as our IT Consultant said
that was the only remedy - $300 bucks in this economy is ...

A related problem is with printing of the Calendar time scale and
Tasks/ToDo. Printed scale will not give less than 30 minute interval (OL03
gave 15 minute minimum billing increment). Tasks will not print by Group as
shown on screen. OL07 improved the ability to display Groups as Expanded and
Collapsed which is great, but they won't print that way (WYSInotWYG) - it's
totally garbled. I am somewhat coping by using free MS download "Calendar
Printing Assistant" - thank you very much MS, but it does not replace the
OL03 Tri-Fold template perfect for Daily Planner, and Daily template as Time
Card with 15 minute billing increment. I request/suggest MS to restore the
15 minute interval, fix the WISYWIG to show Groups as Collapsed/Expanded, and
the Calendar Task View "Tasks with today's due date".


Jakeapoo, make sure that you have a default printer setup. Here are
some other things worth trying:
1) Make sure you have all the free MS updates for your Outlook see
2) Try running Help -> Detect & Repair (caption varies depending on
Outlook version)

....if you still have issues printing, try a MS office Outlook Calendar
addin called WinCalendar - converts Outlook to Word or Excel format
for editing & printing. See:

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