Cannot play movie in slide show mode



I am trying to insert a movie (originally created in Camtasia)into a
PP presentation. When you view the presentation in Slide Show, there
is no way to view the movie! When I click on it, the next slide shows
up. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure out what it

I have tried inserting the movie as a Movie (quality stinks) and as an
Object. Even in non-slide show mode, if I double-click the movie it
does not play. I can play the movie in Camtasia Player, Windows Media
Player, and RealOne Player so I know the file itself is OK.

Any help is appreciated.

Austin Myers


Cantasia uses a proprietary codec that is not compatible with the player in
PowerPoint. I believe the Camtasia software provides a method to use
another, more standard, codec.

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

TAJ Simmons


As Austin has stated....the standard grabs that camtasia use, uses their own
codec TSCC.

If you install their player....then it will install the codec and all should
be well.

Otherwise use their Studio software to save the video clip as an AVI that
uses the "cinepak codec"

TAJ Simmons
microsoft powerpoint mvp

awesome - powerpoint backgrounds,
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